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Santa Apollonia Dental Clinic

Santa Apollonia is a dedicated specialist medical and dentistry practice.
The new Dental Clinic of Dr. Marco Simonetti offers patients excellent results clinical, both functional and aesthetic
Each member of our team, selected for their special skills and experience, undergoes continued training and attends refresher courses.
All treatments provided are of exceptional quality, thanks to a high standard of expertise and to the latest technology employed.

The first visit

Making our patients feel safe and comfortable is of the utmost importance. Care, efficiency and accuracy are keywords upon running the first tests.
State-of-the-art technology in equipment and materials allows a complete and scrupulous screening right from the first consultation, which enables a precise diagnosis, a customized treatment plan and a detailed estimate.
Our qualified staff applies strict protocols for disinfection and sterilisation of tools and environment to ensure a total sanitisation.
By utilizing the most advanced techniques and equipment, all the procedures we perform are highly effective and barely invasive; this means less pain and discomfort for the patient, as well as a shorter recovery time.

A winning team

Thanks to our team of professionals, each dedicating to a specific branch of dentistry, patients can enjoy a thorough oral prevention and may permanently recover their proper chewing function and their beautiful smile.

Dentistry and children

We give paramount importance to prevention and pediatric dentistry. A playful, relaxed approach guarantees our young patients all the tranquility required to grow accustomed to maintaining their dental health.


We are at your complete disposal with all our expertise and friendliness to provide an efficient and conclusive solution to any oral health problem, in the enjoyable surroundings of our completely renovated practice... YOUR SMILE IS OUR SUCCESS!

Santa Apollonia Dental Clinic
Dott. Marco Simonetti
Dott.ssa Rosaria Sommariva

via Romana Est, 137
55016 Porcari (LU)

Tel. 0583.211065
Fax. 0583.571292



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